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About Us

- S.L. DeBarros, Author -

S.L. DeBarros isthe mother of Joao DeBarros, a first-generation lawyer and law-business owner. 

As an attorney, Mrs. DeBarros always seek different ways to educate her clients to ensure they can avoid legal issues. As a mother, she realized the same principals apply to raising her son - teaching him valuable lessons to avoid trouble later in life.

As Mrs. DeBarros searched for children books that addressed legal matters, she realized none existed.  Instead of becoming upset, she set out to create a new children's genre that focuses on legal concepts and life lessons. Considering the political climate our country is in and the never-ending socio-economic disparities, and the long-term battle of racism, JoJo was immediately the inspiration behind her writing.


Mrs. DeBarros realized that she can use legal concepts to easily engage and teach her son - and other children - the importance of good behavior. Not only will the legal concepts provide exposure to children early in life, it will teach them lessons that they will inevitably implement as they grow to become adults.

As Mrs. DeBarros wrote, she realized all the legal concepts that we are exposed to on a daily basis and the opportunity we have as parents to teach our children - not just about the law - but lifestyle principals that go along with them.

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